Björk Biophilia Tour

Operating robots for Björk in the UK on the Biophilia Tour. Building and debugging music playing robots while on tour.

Six-Forty by Four-Eighty

Media art and design with Jamie Zigelbaum and Marcelo Coelho. Building a giant stainless steel wall and other adventures.

Prototyping at

Designing a roof rack for an autonomous vehicle company with a deep learning first approach to driving.

inForm at MIT Media Lab

Building a motor controller that can orchestrate the movement of hundreds of actuators connected on a RS-485 bus. An adventure in high speed communication, control systems and thermal dissipation.

Formlabs Form1 3D Printer

Making 3d printers with Formlabs using precision actuators, optics, and lasers.

Teaching at NuVu

Teaching kids to build robots, giant RC cars and technology fashion.