Ideation and Brainstorming

One way that I can add value to projects is by helping your team brainstorm technical solutions. I have worked with startups on a shoe string budget who are looking for a push in the right direction as well as larger organizations who want an outsiders view.


Robotics Prototyping

I am a “full stack roboticist”, and work on projects that have custom mechanics, electronics and firmware / software. I typically work with small teams to develop functional prototypes that can demonstrate feasibility to investors or stakeholders.


Technology Stack Consulting

Every project is different, and technology trends are constantly changing. One way that I help clients is to recommend technology stacks. Combinations of tools, ranging from CAD packages to programming languages and manufacturing services.


Forecasting and Planning

I have seen many startups succeed and know what a winning team looks like. What I typically do is sign an NDA, meet with your team, understand your technology stack, and then give my view on the talent needed, timelines and cost projections.


Risk Analysis

I can’t predict the future, but I can see red flags in projects, because I have seen startups fail in some pretty spectacular ways, most which can be avoided. What I typically do is meet with your team and layout several paths you can take and the risks associated with them.


Design Thinking

Combining design and technology is tricky. I am often hired to connect these two domains. I have generated UX flows for consumer products, researched the impact of technology on users in academic research studies, and can help designers build functional products.


Teaching and Mentoring

This can take many forms. Sometimes I am asked to run a workshop to describe how a technology works to a group of investors, sometimes I teach kids how to build robots and program. If you need some help teaching students, young and old, I can help.